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1) Who the hell are you, anyway?
Well, my name is Michael, I'm 19 years old, and I go to college in a university in New York. Online, I go by the moniker of Masakari "Yakikorosu".
2) Why did you make this site?

Mostly because I like to talk about my opinions on various things, and I figure the web is a good place to do it. Plus it's a creative outlet. Plus chicks dig it.
3) I see all this anime stuff around, and your nickname is in Japanese... are you Japanese?

No. I'm not even asian, actually, I'm Russian.
4) So, what's with all the Japanese stuff? Do you have some kind of Japan-fetish?
Not really... the nickname comes from a series of books I read. As for the anime, I just like it. I don't really care what country it's from.
5) So, do you actually like any AMERICAN TV shows?
Yea... I watch Law and Order and reruns of Star Trek: The Next Generation pretty regularly. That's about it though. I also really like La Femme Nikita, but I don't think it's showing anymore on the networks I get.
6) Why don't you have a picture of yourself on your site? Are you THAT ugly?
I hope not... although I guess that's a matter of opinion. I just don't see any need to have lots of people know what I look like. If you really want to see a pic of me, go to, click on Picture Site, and go to page 25.
7) How did you make this site?
By using the silly web-builder that Tripod provides you with. I can't program at all. Not even HTML. I'm not really a computer person, I just know how to use it to do stuff I like to do. The anime/movie lists are made with Microsoft Excel.
8) So uh, do you do anything besides collect/watch movies and anime?
Yea, actually I don't spend near as much time on that as this site would make it seem. I read Philosophy (lately the Greeks and Nietzsche), play various games on the LAN here at my uni (lately, UT and WC3), listen to music (lately, The Offspring and NIN), and vegetate like all college students should.
9) Philosophy, huh? So... what's the meaning of life?
The meaning of life is to walk with a swagger.
10) You're just too cool for words. I'm in awe. How do I get to know you better?
Come ask me in person.